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Alice Bag: vox
Rob Ritter: guitar
Craig Bag: guitar
Pat Bag: bass
Terry “Dad” Bag: drums

'The first time I saw the Bags at the Whisky I was a little impaired, but I seem to recall Joe Nanini drumming with an athletic support on his face. He was quickly sacked and replaced with the stone-faced Terry “Dad” Bag. Suffice it to say that no one who ever saw Alice Bag in action will forget it in this lifetime. With Pat Bag on bass, and the duelin’ guitars of the late Rob Ritter and Craig Bag, the Bags generated conflict in their stage shows, and understood the art of arranging like thrash bands never did.

Geza X did an amazing job on putting the Bags together. There were some real severe technical problems caused by the machine bias of the studio which we fixed up in the mix. The Bags just played their hearts out, you could really tell. I think that’s absolutely the best thing we ever put out, I still get shivers down my brainstem when listening to ‘Survive’. Again, I don’t think it sold more than about 1200 copies at that time and then they asked us to pull it. At this point just about every band asked us to pull the recording after 1200-1500 records... the Alleycats, Weirdos.'

David Brown

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