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Alternative punk band. The band started in London, UK in the mid 1980s. The first line-up included Lee Robinson (a.k.a. Lee Shone) on vocals (from London, UK the drummer of the Fortunate Sons), Romano Pasquini on bass (from Roma, Italy), Jeremy Chunn on guitar (from New Zealand, ex-The Henchmen) and J.P. Jezequel on drums (from France). In 1987 this line-up of the A-10s released the "Badly Burned / Don't Look Into My Eyes Tonight" 7" on Innocent Records and the 12" "Massive At The Blind School" on the Italian label Arresto Cardiaco. The 2nd 7" was released without Jeremy Chunn, with the help of Kathy Freeman (The Birdhouse) and Robin Wills (Barracudas, Fortunate Sons) on guitars.

In 1988 the A-10s released their first album, "Sex God War" on the Italian label Mantra Records. Steve Aiello play the guitar on the LP and on the 1989 12" "Star Child." Pippo Pasquini (the brother of Romano) moved to London from Roma and replaced J.P. Jezequel on drums for "Star Child." The "Burning Chrome" 12" was released in 1990 on another Italian label, Crime Records. Stefano Costantini from Roma (an old friend of the Pasquini brothers) joined the band, giving the A-10s a 3/4 Italian line-up, with Lee Robinson still on vocals.

The song "Liquid Sound Of Dreams" remained unreleased until its inclusion on the compilation "Rock Against Prohibitionism" (Wide, 1990). At the beginning of the 1990 the A-10s signed with Munster Records, who released the 1991 7" "Abstract Nymph" as well as their 2nd Album "Radio Confusion" in 1993 (this was also the A-10s first release on CD). Jeremy Chunn rejoined the band for a series of Italian shows the A-10s played as part of a European tour that only wound up including Italy and Spain ("The French gigs have fallen through the cracks and the Greek gigs were only ever a figment of Romano's imagination"). Munster Records released the A-10s last 7", "Legalize It" in 1994. The band broke up the same year.

In 1995 the Italian label Helter Skelter Records released a compilation of the band's '80s songs, with liner notes by Jeremy Chunn. Lee Robinson recorded in 1997 his solo project Lee Robinson Machine in Madrid, where he live and started a new band with the ex-Pleasure Fuckers: Sin City six. Romano, Pippo and Stefano later formed the Sonic Assassins. Lee Robinson died of cancer in 2001. In 2003 Rock Palace Records from Madrid released a new album by The A-10s, the CD "Automatic Man" with Ana Carril Obiols, the Spanish girlfriend of Romano Pasquini taking over vocals. The band played a few gigs with this new, reformed line-up.

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