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Decibel (group formed in 1973) explore the progressive sound. Strong repression at that time against rock had sent the “Hoyos Funky” almost into hiding in Mexico. Decibel was formed by Carlos Robledo, Walter Schmidt and Moisés Romero, while Jaime Castañeda, Carlos Alvarado and Alejandro Sánchez joined the band later. Decibel represents one of the highpoints of rock-based exploration reaching out to the avant-garde in Latin America. Its 1978 album “El poeta del ruido”, teeming with electronic instrumental passages and chamber music, is the culmination of a fertile period in Mexico when bands like Nazca, Chac Mool and Vía Láctea emerged. The dark sound of Decibel was a foretaste of the music produced by many other bands associated with Rock in Opposition. In particular, the use of electronic sounds and ethnic resonances means that Decibel is a transition towards the new musical universe that was stirring. Towards the end of the 70s, Robledo y Schmidt created the band Size, which mixed punk, new wave and techno pop, a radical aesthetic departure towards a more accessible format, albeit just as innovative.

Luis Alvarado

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