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Joe Ramirez: guitar, lead vox
Jimmy Leach: bass, vox
Joe Nanini: drums
David Brown: organ

'About this time, maybe late 1978, I joined this band called the EYES. Charlotte Caffey had been playing bass and I think keyboards and stuff. She left to go form the Go-Go’s. As a matter of fact, Belinda Carlisle and Jane Wiedlin got their first actual stage experience as members of Randy’s Blackettes... I know this, I remember this, I have photos to prove it. You have to kind of laugh when you think of these people sleeping with baseball players now. Talk about seeing life from both sides. So the Eyes basically replaced her with two people, me and Jimmy Leach, and then we did a record called ‘TAQN’, Take A Quaalude Now, a very tongue-in-cheek anti-drug song. I guess it speaks for itself.

Joe Ramirez, the leader of the Eyes, was a cerebral master of the unexpected lyric in front of the musical conventions of punk rock. His musical concept fit into the Wire keep-’em-coming-too-fast-to-know groove, and the lyrics he wrote with John Richey were way over most people’s heads.'

David Brown

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