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Flamengo's volatile history is complex. The only constant member was Pavel Fort on bass (1966-1969) or lead guitar (1970-1972) respectively. Among the group's lead singers were Viktor Sodoma, Petr Novák, Karel Kahovec, Pavel Sedláèek, Ivan Khunt, English lady Joan Duggan, and eventually and finally also Vladimír Misík. Similarly erratic was their music style, ranging from early beat hits over R&B cover versions (including the slightly embarrassing funk attempts on the "2nd Beat-Festival 1968" live compilation), the dark blues-rock of the Khunt/Duggan period, up to their undisputed prog-rock masterpiece album "Kure v hodinkách" from 1972. The macabre 'Execution Of A Blond Girl' from 1967 sounds thus first and foremost like any other early Kahovec garage rock composition, here augmented and carried by Francl's headsman's-sword-sharp lead guitar.

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