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Los Demonios del Mantaro released a historic single (1996) with ‘La chichera’ on one side and a tune called ‘Peti pan’ on the other. Its composer, Carlos Baquerizo, was director of one of the most powerful and famous orchestras of regional music: La Aurora Andina. But at that time Don Carlos had the audacity of youth and decided to make music not with a great orchestra but with a small band consisting of a snare drum, a güiro, a sax, a clarinet and a harmonica.

In the songs of Los Demonios del Mantaro the primary melody is carried by the harmonica, played by Baquerizo himself, while the band improvises tropically but with a liberty that seems to come from jazz and rock. It gives the sensation of listening to an unclassifiable hybrid of jazz, cumbia and huayno that some listeners might even classify as “eccentric ska”. This idea of “mixing it all together” is perhaps the form, the structure and the raison d’être of all that will later be called chicha.

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