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Thirty years is nothing and the time flies. When you look back, you realize that you have been more than half of your life devoted to Rock n’ Roll. Thus could be summarized with the history of Sex Museum, an independent r’n’r band formed 30 years ago in 1985. Half of our members, though at times even minor, dedicated to the crude sound of garage and a wild attitude of a time, in which the sound of “New Madrid Wave” prevailed in our city. Since then, and even today, we always go against the grain, always enjoying the less travelled road. Thirty years, 13 albums, dozens of tours in Europe, thousands of concerts, 10 videos, two live albums, one split record and 11 singles. Not to mention countless appearances on many compilations and music featured on soundtracks and series. All with the creation of a personal artistic style that is displayed on the LP covers, t-shirts and posters. The peculiar voyage of Sex Museum is a reflection of the changing Spanish independent scene, since the 1980s to the present day, and if someone knows well the lights and shadows of the underground musical reality of this country, it’s us. We’ve connected with a nascent global alternate reality and have been able to export a Spain, which lived 20 years late in the decade of the 80s. If you had to characterized Sex Museum, it would be the desire to play live, hit the road and live the life and musical adventure of a “road movie”. If we had to say throughout the decades up to the current musical climate of today, it’s that we’ve discovered that our performance in concerts means more than selling albums. For decades, we’ve not done anything but play, anywhere, from a small club to a stadium, electric or acoustic, with almost any group in the parallel adventures we’ve had.. Pioneering the garage and independent scenes grew and toughened our music as we toured around Europe at the beginning of the 90s. These experiences resulted in a confidence of our personal style, planting our feet between garage and more psychedelic hard rock. Over time, our broad musical tastes resulted in us playing a style within a wide musical spectrum and a with a maverick spirit, which makes us always jump forward, experimenting with something new on each new disk.

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