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Alfonso Noel Lovo, a young Nicaraguan musician, studies marketing at the Louisiana State University. New Orleans, the inspirational musical mecca, is only an hour from Baton Rouge; Alfonso plans to record his ideas there over free weekends during the academic year. Despite his youth, Alfonso "Poncho" Lovo has already accumulated an interesting musical curriculum and lived several times over. Member of a well-known family in Nicaragua, Poncho comes from a clan of livestock owners involved in big business. Son of the Minister of Agriculture and later triumvir of the Government Assembly, he was on a plane returning to his native land on university vacation when it was hijacked in 1971 by a Sandinista group. He was recognised in mid-flight by one of the hijackers, who had gone to school with him, and used as a hostage to negotiate the release of a political prisoner. When the conversations between the Government and the guerrilla broke down, Alfonso Lovo was shot several times. Miraculously he survived, albeit seriously wounded in the torso, abdomen and left hand (which nearly had to be amputated). After complicated surgery and several life-threatening operations, a convalescent Alfonso Lovo returned to university in New Orleans. Thanks to heavy doses of therapy and determination, he managed to play the guitar again.

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