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Los Mirlos



Los Mirlos, from Moyobamba, who with their guitars and hypnotic grooves achieved the most popular and transnational of the Amazonian sounds. Los Mirlos traveled in the early 80s to Argentina, causing a commotion with their tropical sound of guitars and keys, influencing definitively the birth of Argentine cumbia villera. In Colombia, in the mid-70s, Fruko “El Bueno” decided to create a group called Afrosound that not only played covers of Los Mirlos but also achieved a very similar sound. Currently, Los Mirlos are still active with original members Danny Johnston and Jorge Rodríguez, although recently the original guitar player of the group, Gilberto Reátegui, passed away in Argentina.

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Back to Peru (1964/1974)
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VVAA Back to Peru (1964/1974)
Cumbia Beat Vol 2
VVAA Cumbia Beat Vol 2
Cumbia Beat Vol 1
  • Cumbia Beat Vol 1 (mp3)-1 Cumbia Beat Vol 1 (mp3)-2
    MP3 VAMPI DG 116
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  • Cumbia Beat Vol 1 (2cd)-1 Cumbia Beat Vol 1 (2cd)-2
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  • Cumbia Beat Vol 1 (2lp)-1 Cumbia Beat Vol 1 (2lp)-2
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  • Vampisoul
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VVAA Cumbia Beat Vol 1