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Trio from Valladolid that began a pop career in the 60s whose biggest hit was also another pro-tourist tune, like in the case of Los Stop, ‘El Puente’ (Belter, 1968). In both songs, Mallorca was the final destination, Spain’s very own Shangri-La, just ask the royal family. It’s surprising to discover in Los Mismos’ discography two brilliant rocksteady songs, which passed through their repertoire quite unnoticed. A real shame, since in look and style today they could spar for the throne of early local reggae with Los Granadians. The first cover, that they called ‘Scaba Badi Bidu’, is none other than ‘Money Day’ of The Pioneers, released a year earlier in the UK by Trojan Records without too much impact. Not content with trying to milk just one obscure Jamaican tune, the following year, 1971, they tried again with ‘Gente loca’, a cover of ‘Crazy People’ by Jamaican Bruce Ruffin. Another great song that didn’t find luck in the charts. What could have crossed the minds of this trio to adopt two rare skinhead reggae floor fillers?

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