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One of the most original and surprising guitar sounds in Peruvian tropical music would come from a sugarcane town to the north of Lima called Paramonga. There, the recently deceased guitarist Maximiliano Chávez created a very peculiar style of tropical music with deep basses, galloping percussion and wah wah guitar that could pass from fury to gentleness from one song to another.

Los Orientales de Paramonga is without a doubt one of the great bands of the golden age of the more beat and psychedelic strains of cumbia. Their rhythmic foundation is perhaps the most spellbinding, infectious and hypnotic of Peruvian tropicalia. It would be several years before eminently rock musicians would try a similar sound. It’s worth noting that the “style of Paramonga” was a sound that continued during the entire decade of the 70s with the Orientales splitting and reincarnating themselves in other local bands like Los Vagos and Los Atómos de Paramonga.

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