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The “resurrection” of Peruvian tropical music, of psychedelic cumbia or, as others like to call it, chicha, is perhaps one of the most surprising musical phenomena in recent years.

Both Enrique Delgado and Manzanita, the two great founding guitarists of the genre, were equally characterized by making music that absorbed, without conflict, all possible manner of styles and that broke all the sound barriers. Both came from mestizo (mixed European-Amerindian) backgrounds and eventually touched on folklore and música criolla before entering the world of tropical fusion.

Manzanita, alias of Berardo Hernández, is characterized by a clearly “primitive” and intuitive style that betrayed his origins as a self-taught guitarist (Manzanita learned to play spontaneously in his childhood, coming from peasant stock in the north of the country). It was precisely that formation that made him treat the boundaries between genres with such irreverence. No other Peruvian guitarist is so filled with improvisational creativity and discoveries, with such personal and unclassifiable melodies, as if he invented the music all over again with each chord or each pluck of his electric guitar.

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