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Formed in Mayagüez by pianist Héctor Pellor and timbales player Moncho Leña, this orchestra soon succeeded in San Juan and then moved to the “Babel of Iron”, where they found fame for their command of both Cuban and Puerto Rican rhythms. In it made his debut Nuyorican pianist Héctor Rivera, who would later stand out as a central figure of Latin soul and salsa.

As clearly indicated in the title of their first LP for Ansonia, “A Night At The Palladium”, the Ases del Ritmo at the time mixed with the orchestras of Noro Morales, Machito, Tito Puente and Tito Rodríguez. With the advantage of having a singer with a unique style, “The Tongue twister King” Mon Rivera, capable of combining his mayagüezana heritage with his New York experiences. The former was in his blood, as we’ve already mentioned, from his father, Ramón Rivera Alers, the composer of the manifesto ‘El plenero’.

Yannis Ruel

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