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Howard Werth



Howard Werth: vox, guitar
David Brown: vox jag, piano
Tom Hughes: bass
Joe Nanini: drums

'Howard Werth was our token mainstream rock artist. A completely delightful Englishman who had received not nearly enough acclaim in his country with the early 70s band Audience. There was a guy called David Allen who did a lot of Dangerhouse artwork, who was friends with X and used to live with those guys at the house at 6th and Wilton, and he said that he knew this guy who wanted to make up a new wave trip band, and had I ever heard of Howard Werth? Of course I had because I was listening to all these Audience albums and liked them a lot.

Basically, what it came down to was there was a bribe. If I could get Howard to go in there and just deal with X one more time and come up with a mix of ‘Los Angeles’ for the “Yes LA” album, I would put out a record of his. We and X were just getting along so poorly at that point that it was that much of a pain in the ass to deal with. He agreed to do it and he wrote ‘Obsolete’ in about a half an hour, just about on the spot. The incredible guitar sound on this record comes from Howard’s homemade Zematis (a 20lb beast made out of metal).

Everybody always wondered where the hell that was coming from since it was so much different from the rest of the label. But that was the whole point. ‘Obsolete’ drew a skew line across the musical scene and proved the seamlessness of the whole realm of unpretentious self-expression. I personally still like the songs very much. That’s about all I can tell you about that. He just appeared and disappeared.'

David Brown

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