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Exene Cervenka: vox
John Doe: bass, vox
Billy Zoom: guitar
Don Bonebrake: drums

'X provided that rare mix of songwriting, personal charisma and musical expertise. More than any other band, their personalities were evident in their music, and were never even slightly conventional or dull. We’d been good friends with X for some time. I’d actually been in an early incarnation of X. We used to play at their house. I played an electric piano that I think Billy Zoom provided. It was just something that was lying around. That didn’t last for very long. Anyway, the X single didn’t really go over as well as was planned for some reason. As a matter of fact, it was the only record we ever got returns on. Hard to deal with. They had really put a lot into that recording in terms of performance, and you could really feel it. There was a lot of disappointment with them. It didn’t take off as much. Although again, all their critics were delighted'. (David Brown)

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