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As soon as the eighties began, Berlín received a youth named Krishna Goineau, fresh from his first musical experiences in Barcelona. There he had formed XEEROX with Javier Hernando, who worked in one of the city’s record stores. In its flight from clichés, punk was beginning to assume many diverse forms, respecting only the sense of rupture with all that came before, but without following any aesthetic standard regardless of its cult of the ugly. Krishna and Hernando connected with the most sulfuric of musical movements, which included bands like Chrome and Pere Ubu.

Their slogan was clear: a guitar was not an instrument but a generator of noise. Xeerox only made sense under this premise; whose extension in time and incipient obedience to electronic possibilities would lead Krishna to one of the mythical dark-wave bands of the German scene, Liaisons Dangereuses.

César Estabiel

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