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Los Robbins, the historic band from La Ceiba, Honduras, started on February 4, 1967 in a place where there was no easy access to electric instruments. Ricardo Pereira arrived to La Ceiba with an electric guitar, and full of enthusiasm he looked for other friends passionate about music, and they then formed what was known at the time as a “conjunto musical”, which originally consisted of an electric guitar, a concertina and a military band’s drum from a local school. They were also accompanied by two female backing vocalists and a male lead singer.

They started performing contemporary hits such as ‘Lupe’, ‘El último beso’ and ‘Ana’, among many others. One day they had a meeting to discuss the name of the band and, joined by Armando Gochez, brother of Julio Gochez (concertina), they started suggesting the usual list of funny names that didn’t meet with anyone’s approval, until Armando had the brilliant idea of mentioning a peculiar singing little bird with an orangey red chest known as “robin”. It was an essential moment in the birth of Honduran rock. With a unique sound that set them apart from any other band at the time, they developed a style with a great combination of rocksteady, ballad, flamenco and surf. It was the perfect formula of the “Robbins” sound.

The band kept evolving, changing some of its members until finally achieving the following official line-up: Alfredo Matute (bass), Mike Mejía (vocals), Mario Motiño (drums), Julio Gochez (concertina), Ricardo Pereira (rhythm guitar) and Guayo Cedeño (lead guitar). This group of musicians and inseparable friends made up one of the most important rock & roll groups in the country and were the first band to record a 45. ‘Ceibita en verano’, recorded in Costa Rica, topped New York’s Hit Parade and made them the first band to tour and represent Honduras in the United States. After that they carried on recording in El Salvador, as Honduras didn’t have proper recording studios. In those days, attending a concert by Los Robbins was a crazy experience which could only be compared with the Beatles phenomenon.

After a while Los Robbins became one of the most in-demand bands of the country, and remained so for a long period. Los Robbins’ music sounds in the heart of every Honduran, and their unforgettable hits are still played on the radio today.

Guayo Cedeño

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