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Munster Records is an independent Spanish label created in the 1980s. In the last decade its main focus has been reissues of punk, garage, rock and other akin genres and subgenres. From its early days, Munster was conceived as a label catering for the demanding music fan and record collector, releasing its records on both CD and vinyl, the latter usually as limited editions. Munster also frequently releases records by contemporary bands. Some of Munster's recent releases include the complete recordings by 60s Peruvian garage band Los Saicos, the early recordings of seminal Spanish punk band Eskorbuto, a compilation of Czech experimental rock band The Plastic People Of The Universe and the acclaimed Daniel Johnston box-set "The Story Of An Artist".

Sam Pan Boat / Race The Wind (Take 1)
Craig Smith Sam Pan Boat / Race The Wind (Take 1)
In The Spotlight / Nowhere To Run
The Zeros In The Spotlight / Nowhere To Run
Eskizofrenia (portada Suicidas)
Eskorbuto Eskizofrenia (portada Suicidas)
Me gritan melenudo
The Silver Thunders Me gritan melenudo
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Décima Víctima En el garaje
Nadaísmo a go-go
Los Yetis Nadaísmo a go-go
Death Of Satan
Danny And The Nightmares Death Of Satan
American Rudeness
White Flame American Rudeness
Piece O'Me
Soul Movers Piece O'Me
Pippermint Twist
VVAA Pippermint Twist
I'm Not Going Astray
Chris Stroffolino I'm Not Going Astray
Totally Useless
Psykik Volts Totally Useless
Don't Like People
The Damn Times Don't Like People