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Steve Treatment All Dressed For Tomorrow Steve Treatment
  • All Dressed For Tomorrow (lp)-1 All Dressed For Tomorrow (lp)-2
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Brilliant DIY'n'roll from Steve Treatment, one of the most fascinating but less heralded figures of the late 70s British punk/DIY scene. Bonding over a shared love for Marc Bolan, Steve and a young Nikki Sudden hung out and busked together around London from 1976-1978 and the Swell Maps played on Steve's first single, released on their own Rather label in 1978. "All Dressed For Tomorrow” includes said record, Steve’s other two singles from 1979, plus highlights of unreleased 1977-1979 recordings. Raw, unkempt, experimental glam rock magic. Chuck Warner’s extensive liner notes also cover Steve’s interactions with Bolan, assorted punk-stars, the Moors Murderers, Derek Jarman… among others.

A Munster + Messthetics release.

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