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La Secta Blue Tales
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It´s almost 30 years since it was recorded and edited 'Blue tales' of La Secta. Effervescent times with a very active and high quality Basque music scene with bands like Los Bichos, Cancer Moon, La Perrera and La Secta. They were spearhead both in their respective cities and areas of influence as in the rest of Spain, La Secta especially lavished on discs and alternative press circuit (fanzines) outside the Iberian Peninsula (United States, France, Germany, UK , Australia, Switzerland ...) creating an impact, feedback and a very favorable impact. This album marked a before and after in the state music scene with very good reviews in the specialized press... In this album you can see very clearly their influences but all sifted and recreated under a unique style, in this album you can see some Scientists, Stooges, Music Machine, Suicide, Seeds, 13th Floor Elevators, Bolan, Kraut Rock, Pre-grunge, Noise, Chaos, Acid folk, bad vibe, broken hearts, ecstasy, hallucinogens, innocence and risk .... a dangerous cocktail. Sonic Boom captainship this boat through seas of experimentation and daring is why the end result is a timeless record, with no signs of aging that still sound powerful and fresh today. Here the album is presented with a new face, new cover, images and poster that reflect the spirit of its interior and the actors of this soundtrack, with a renewed sound by the great mastering of Sergio Delgado where details of the guitar of Patxi hidden in the original production of 1990 are now shown. Plus bonus tracks. Interesting texts are also included, talking about the album by the great Kim Salmon of Scientists, Surrealists and Beasts of Bourbon for his connection with the band and knowledge of his adventures through the special contact with Iñigo and Gorka (“Throw in some classic riffage add great tunes and here’s proof that grunge didn’t just come from Seattle!”), Fernando Gegundez an experienced music critic of the great Bilbao and aware of the evolution of La Secta since its inception (““Blue Tales” can definitely be valued and understood better now, because some of those songs that at the time someone judged as impersonal dispel all doubts and spit all their cyanide in their current live setting, which you should not miss”) and the well-known Lindsay Hutton founder of the fanzine The Next Big Thing since the mid-1980s). He created the Cramps fan club from 1980 to 1983, initially with Morrissey, and also contributed to the music magazine Sounds in the late 70s and early 80s. Since then, he has written for several fanzines and publications, including Mojo (“Produced by Pete (Sonic Boom) Kember, there are traces of Spacemen 3 here along with a Stooge-like intensity that was far from common when these “tales” were first told. This is an altogether different world from the days when this was recorded”).