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In 1981, brothers Lars and Per formed the instrumental band Clausula Tenebrosa. After a show they started talking about the possibility of rehearsing with Carlos, a friend at the time and ex-singer of the recently split Ejecutivos Agresivos. That's how the story of our band, Decima Victima, starts, rehearsing with a drum machine in the cellar of the Mertanens' house in Madrid. After a few months, in the year 1981, we made our first studio recording, a demo recorded on a 4-track. A little later on, with our friends from the band Esclarecidos, we started the independent label Grabaciones Accidentales (GASA), and we were able to start releasing our own records.

The first single came out in 1982, with Lars playing drums on it. Soon after, Los Esclarecidos introduced us to Jose Brena, brother of one of the original members of their band, and he joined as our drummer. The second single was also recorded in 1982. A few months later we went to Vigo for a week to try out our first LP playing our repertoire live, in order to see which tracks the audience liked best and choose 12 for the record.

We really enjoyed being in the studio. We used to experiment a lot. Paco Trinidad, our producer, always understood what we wanted and he researched how to achieve it technically. The LP was very well received by the press, especially by El Pais, one of the biggest-selling newspapers in Spain. Our next recording was the maxi-single 'Un lugar en el pasado', with three tracks.

With regards to our audience, we didn't make any concessions. Our shows were static. Carlos would sing sitting down like a crooner while Lars and Per only moved as little as necessary and Jose remained behind his drum kit. The sound, despite being made using only three instruments and voice, managed to be as enveloping live as it was on record, thanks to the Mertanen brothers' personal way of playing and to having, most of the times, Paco Trinidad as our sound technician. Our last show was at Madrid's Rock-Ola on December 3, 1983.

In the winter of 1983 we recorded live, on a 4-track, a demo of our second LP, "Un hombre solo". A few months later, already disbanded, we recorded it in the studio. In our opinion, it contains some of our best tracks.

The band ended mainly for work reasons beyond our control. There were no musical or personal differences. Although we would argue sometimes, we always were, above all, very good friends. In 1999 Jose Brena, our drummer, died. It was a hard blow for everyone. He appears on the cover of "Los que faltan", reminding us that there are things which, unfortunately, won't ever happen again.

Décima Victima

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