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The Damn Times Don't Like People The Damn Times
  • Don't Like People (CS 7")-1 Don't Like People (CS 7")-2
    7" MR 7272 oct 2015
  • Don't Like People (7")-1 Don't Like People (7")-2
    7" MR 7272
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  • Don't Like People (mp3)-1 Don't Like People (mp3)-2
    MP3 MR DG 7272
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It's the sound of bullets whizzing past your head. It's the sound of glass as it shatters all around you. It's the low rumble of unrest that shakes your body like the cold hands of fever. It's the velvet purr of an idling engine and the roar as it kicks into motion. It's the true sound of rock and roll thunder unleashed. So, get yourself together and hold on tight to the ones you love. Because it's time. It's damn time.

The Damn Times smell of the essence of Austin Texas' punk rock scene, emitting a sound that is as tight as it is raw. With anthems like `Don't Like People' fueling their live shows, the band attacks every note with intensity, grit and spit. Formed in 2000, The Damn Times have played about every venue in Austin and have made many treks up and down the West Coast.

Their punk prowess bleeds into other acts, as well. Drummer Coby Cardosa can be seen on organ with The Crack Pipes. Bassist Jeff Linton spent some time lending his low-end to both Sons of Hercules and The Stepbrothers. Chad Nichols, when not ripping leads, fronts The Transgressors and plays guitar with T Tex Edwards and the Texwardians. Ryan Anderson also plays in a number of punk/rock bands, and continues to record bands in his studio, Active Sound Recording.

Since their formation The Damn Times have earned opening slots for such great acts as Guadalupe Plata (Spain), And You Will Know Us by The Trail of Dead, The Flesh Tones, Deadbolt, Fireballs of Freedom, Gaza Strippers, Sons of Hercules, Lords of Altamont and many more.

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