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Paraiso was one of the most essential bands of the Spanish new wave scene in the 80s also known as “La Movida”. Their song ‘Para Ti’ became an anthem for a generation and, with just a couple of singles released and a couple of tracks on a compilation, the band reached mythical status despite their very short career.

It is only now, over 40 years after its recording, that we are thrilled to present Paraiso’s lost album that never got released at the time. Featuring a tracklist as selected by the band, “El Corte Final” comprises the result of two different recording sessions from 1979, showing how fresh, fun and also potentially commercial the group was.

Paraiso recorded a hard to beat selection of pop gems under the influence of The Modern Lovers, Devo (whose song ‘Mongoloid’ they would cover) or The Specials. Its members would later join many other famed Spanish bands such as Dinarama, Bólidos, Ejecutivos, Radio Futura, Décima Víctima, La Mode, Casinos…

“El Corte Final” includes extensive liner notes by José Antonio Lago, previously unseen photos and pictures of the fanzines originally published by Paraiso.

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