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Los York's El Viaje: 1966-1974
  • El Viaje: 1966-1974 (cd)-1
    CD MR CD 285
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  • El Viaje: 1966-1974 (2lp)-1
    2LP MR 285
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Our collection, aptly titled El Viaje (The Trip), brings together their greatest tracks, taken from their four LPs and 25 singles, between 1966 and 1974.

Los York's were the most famous and successful band in their country (more than Los Shains or Los Saicos), and in this best-of compilation you surely can find why.

Back in their heyday they were accused of drug-abuse and critiziced because of the evilness of their sound and lyrics which praised free love! Oh yeah, to balance it out one of the songs in their third single (1966) translated for "go to hell"" (vete al infierno)!! The very original feedback guitar playin' of Walter Paz will be a true discovery for fans of The Who's Pete Townshend and even Sterling Morrison from The Velvet Underground. On the other hand, singer Pablo Luna was some sort of crazy hybrid between Iggy Pop and Reg Presley of The Troggs! He was a true character, and a stage animal, which was shocking for a place like Peru in the sixties. Years later some peruvian journalist, in a funny "body-count", wrote that during his career Pablo had smashed a total of 48 microphones! But Los York's attitude was TRUE, and not a pose, unlike these days when scandal and outrage is a powerful marketing tool! Los York's were true rebellious souls, unstopable and genuine. And their on-stage and off-stage behaviour is still legendary in Peru. They got so famous that they even had their own TV show (El Show de Los York's) that aired for almost a year in the best The Monkees' Show fashion.

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