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The Legendary Tigerman Femina
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Fourth album by the Portuguese blues one-man-band who combines the tradition of the original blues from the Mississippi Delta with new technology (samples, beats, loops). The Legendary Tigerman (Paulo Furtado: ex-Tédio-boys, Wraygunn) is the man behind the kick, the hi-hat, the kazzoo and the guitar, here accompanied by several famous women from the musical scene.

In the 21st Century Paulo Furtado became The Legendary Tigerman. Following the tradition of the old blues men, this one-man-band literally jumped from Coimbra, Portugal to the world. Well, the Tigerman has the roots but he also combines it with new technology (samples, beats, loops), always keeping it real, playing the instruments live.

The consequences of this blend are explosive and have brought him exposure in Europe, USA, Brazil and Japan. Being a one-man-band, it's hard to think of a live show as something that has a lot of stir. But, in fact, it has.

There's something of a punk attitude in the Tigerman's shows. The blues is alive in the music he plays. But it always feels like a riot is about to explode and we can't guess when, such is the tension he brings onstage.

Now, it's time for "Femina", the fourth album of The Legendary Tigerman.

This time, only women are allowed to step in the Tigerman's world. After three records where, in an explicit or hidden way, women just existed in the songs, the lonesome Legendary Tigerman isn't alone anymore.

Asia Argento, Peaches, Lisa Kekaula, Becky Lee, Phoebe Killdeer, Cibelle, Maria de Medeiros, Rita Redshoes, Claúdia Efe, Mafalda Nascimento, Dorit Chrysler, Rita Braga and Cais Sodre Cabaret are this album's co-owners.

Like a Serge Gainsbourg drunk on blues or a post-punk Lee Hazlewood, the Legendary Tigerman has created an album where two worlds collide and the result is an album of duets, but not as you know them.

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