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The Cramps File Under Sacred Music The Cramps File Under Sacred Music
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I've no idea why The Cramps don't seem to figure in a lot of alleged histories of punk or just plain music in general.This could be down to them being utterly or unpigeonhole-able (is that even a word?) or just outright ignorance. Perhaps a bit of both but hey, let's not concern ourselves with that.The band changed the face of culture. Period.Without bothering "the charts" or playing too many stadiums, their seismic effect on everything you hold dear will be felt for all time.

This ancient knowledge - some of their grooviest gravy - is presented here for your delectation and delight. So get a crack-a-lackin' with blasting these twisted hymns morning, noon and night.And while the ruckus is in full swing, pray to whoever might listen that Ivy will get around to compile the ultimate document of her undulating combo in commemoration of their services to entertainment.The bloody gears of this here rockin' machine will be rolling way beyond the foreseeable future.

Reasons outwith anyone's control might mean that you can't see the band anymore but no one - no how - will be able to make this thing stop. Meanwhile, dig into this feast for the little ghouls that understood all along or indeed anyone with a decent set of ears.

Lindsay Hutton

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