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La Secta Fuzz Godz La Secta Fuzz Godz
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Yeah, we know there are tons of good punk bands all over the world. You, Mr. SmartAss, can surely name a bunch of great combos from the more exotic countries. Then how the hell don’t ya know about LA SECTA?? It’s only YOUR fault. They are the most international Spanish (well… Basque, I might say) band with singles released in the coolest labels o’ the world: USA, Sweden, France, Switzerland… And we don’t understand why they’re not stars in other countries. La Secta should be sick and tired of MC5/Stooges comparisions, but they have created their own and unique blend of punk-rock, high energy, and even psychedelic mayhem, so they don’t give a shit of what we or you say about them. No tags allowed here. For this new album they went to “Le Chalet” studios in France and called Kent Steedman to twist the knobs at the mixing board. Kento, the geetar monster from the Celibate Rifles was so impressed that he ended up playing lead guitar all through the album.