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The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs Guitars, Guns & Gold The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs Guitars, Guns & Gold
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THE STREETWALKIN’ CHEETAHS’ “Guitars, Guns & Gold” is filled with early gems, rarities and live cuts, packed with all the energy and power of ass-kickin’ Rock’N’Roll that the CHEETAHS know how to deliver. It’s a wild and unpassioned collection of rare recordings (featuring past and present members).

Los Angeles-based, Dteroit style four-piece plays a searing combination of old school American Punk Rock and modern High Energy. The ferocious “Small Town Killer”, with a pummeling riff and full volume, makes for a great introduction to truancy and another twrlve sweat-stained trend stomping selections,, “Those days Are Gone” lights a quick burning Punk fuse, the anthemic “Generator”, a classic ‘70s mod-Rock, originally produced by MC5’s Wayne Kramer, while the excellent “The Night Billy Wanted to Fly” presages the turbo-pop direction it would pursue on last year’s amazing “Waiting For The Death of My Generation”.

Live cuts of “No More” and “Dirty Mockingbird” give a taste of the bands legendary on-stage prowess, and the hard-rockin’ “I Wanna Die For X-Mas” makes a welcome appearance.

And when it comes to covers, nobody does the better than the CHEETAHS. “Los Angeles” (X), a surprinsigly punked-up “Sanctuary” (Iron Maiden), and “Kamikaze (Boys), are all fabulous renditions that would make their creators proud.

THE STREETWALKIN’ CHEETAHS take high-voltage glam punk by the throat to make a sound that reignites the fire of bands like the Dead Boys and The New York Dolls. They have even caught the eye of former MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer, who uses the four-piece as his backing band when he tours!

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