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The Neanderthals In Space
  • In Space (cd)-1
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"In Space" is the fourth album from the cave-dwelling kings of Garage and Rock&Roll, on which our favourite troglodites board a spaceship and transport us through 15 songs on a fantastic intergalactic journey where seeing a blue girl dancing the twist over the moon is completely normal. As you might imagine, you’re not going to find any intimate poetry or postmodern art here. You’re going to enjoy the mongoloid rhythms of frat-rock, wild guitars primitively rocking & rolling, and the most delicious melodies of instrumental surf. Eddie Angel (of masked instro-band, Los Straitjackets, fame) and Johnny Rabb do not hesitate surfing and twisting, doing new, surprising and funny covers of classic songs such as John Lennon’s “Across the Universe”, David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and Louis Prima’s “Beep Beep”. To illustrate this mad journey from the Stone Age to the Mountains of Uranus, nothing beats the cover’s beautiful cave painting by George Miller of The Kaisers.

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