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La Barra de Chocolate S/T
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La Barra de Chocolate was a short-lived project led by Pajarito Zaguri, a former member of Los Beatniks, Los Náufragos and a key figure in the birth and development of Argentine rock. In 1968 he gathered some musician friends that used to visit the legendary Buenos Aires venue La Cueva. They soon caught the attention of the Music Hall record label and in 1969 released their first single, 'Hippies y todo el circo' / '¿Cuál es la forma?'. They also won the Festival Beat talent contest and their second single, 'Alza la voz', sold over 40,000 copies.

However, after the recording of their first album and the release of a few more singles, the band split the following year, unable to cope with their new-found success and perhaps due to the other music projects all the members had. This brief period was enough to produce a fantastic LP containing garage, beat, psychedelia and the influence of Bob Dylan which represents a brilliant portrait of late 1960s Buenos Aires.

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