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Demolition Doll Rods Let Yourself Go (Live in Madrid 2006)
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“May god bless your sweet ever-lovin’ ass each and every night” is Margaret Doll Rod’s greeting to the congregation at this sermon that’s been captured and bottled up as “Let Yourself Go”.

DDR want to touch each and every one of you but don’t be afraid. They won’t exactly be gentle but this kind of rough is what it’s all about.

The word that separates the Doll Rods from the host of post-Cramps combos is undulate. Their mutant primal blues does so like the former throbs. They’re possessed by a spirit of undiluted entertainment and in essence theirs isn’t an easy strain of “music” to carry off. No such problem here, these people mean it in spades. It comes from the very fabric of their collective soul.

A three piece burlesque booty call that pummels out their Motor City gospel and you can either go with ‘em or get the heck outta their way because they patently don’t care. DDR possess a buck naked abandon that connects with anybody who has a penchant for loose, firm rock’n’roll. This documents being in the room as close as you’re gonna get without actually being there. You can testify in the comfort of your living room. Alone or with friends. It makes me want to go see them NOW! So if you get the chance then take it. DDR provide a glam transfusion at the intersection of where the NY Dolls headed up Devilgate Drive to the cross street marked Fleshtones.

On top of that though they add a hefty dose of themselves and that’s the ingredient that really hits the spot. I’m not talking about the outfits here and there ain’t too many combos that would get away with this kind of minimal wardrobe, that’s for sure.

Margaret Dollrod has a throaty rasp that comes from way deep within that buxom frame. She’s a supple one alright with a hypnotic bump and grind action that could take a guy’s peepers out. Talk about sweating in the name of your art…

Danny has been key in taking the real stuff to the streets since he was in The Gories. His ministry is undenied as is his take on Donnie Elbert’s “Little Piece Of Leather”.

Tia is the latest addition to their arsenal and a worthy successor to Thumper. She knows how to pound out the big beat that powers this juggernaught.

Any similarity between other bands from the same ‘hood are entirely coincidental. The Demolition Doll Rods did this first and others followed. That continues to be the case.

As a bonus you get a 25 minute ride through the Fortune Records catalogue as interpreted by the pre-Tia DDR. Performed in the shell of what was that fabulous Detroit label. I ain’t comin’ on (Nolan) strong when I say that the costume changes would make your average entertainer green with envy.

Viva le “difference” indeed. That’s how it be… how sweet the sound (and vision).

Lindsay Hutton

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