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Generation X Live At Sheffield Generation X
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It is hard to realize that on December 10th, 2016, it will be 40 years since Generation X first took to the stage. I was the guitarist and "Live At Sheffield" is a recording from a later show in 1978, but still has the angst and rock'n'roll spirit that Generation X were known for. Always slightly apart from the initial punk movement with the good looks and fantastic playing, Generation X relished the live shows but up to the end of 1979, when I left the band, had only done a few tours of the United Kingdom, a couple of dates in Paris and a week in Japan. So the amount of people who actually saw Generation X live is pretty limited. "Live At Sheffield" gives you a chance to enjoy the sound of a Generation X gig (along with fake audience) and feel the power of what we did live.

The songs are from the first two albums plus a strange medley of '100 Punks' and 'Kleenex' and the cover of 'Shakin' All Over'. Although the band only lasted three years, the music stands the test of time, and with Billy Idol's later success as a solo artist in America this recording has somewhat of an historical aspect. Billy continues to play quite a few of these songs live to this day and it may be interesting to compare, although comparisons are deadly…

At the time of this show Generation X had been on Top Of The Pops numerous times, but this was punk and nobody thought about anything but the moment. Playing live every night in a different town has a certain momentum, and like a great photograph, to capture a moment in time of rock'n'roll is just as visual. Play this loud, as Mark Twain once said about Wagner's music, "It's better than it sounds".

Bob "Derwood" Andrews

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