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Los Yetis Me siento loco
  • Me siento loco (7")-1
    7" MR 7222

In 1966, a certain go-go fever takes over the city of Medellin. The name of the virus: LOS YETIS. Medellin, Colombia’s second largest city and the most conservative in the country, started feeling the shakes in its foundations as thousands of teenagers wanted to dance away the Tango and Bolero likes of their parents. To achieve this, what better than the go-go spirit embodied by a fury and abominable snowman?

Los Yetis represent a very special case within the 60s rock scene in Colombia: Teenage Pop idols associated with Nadaism (a Colombian intellectual movement from the late 50s), they are the only commercially successful band based outside the Capital city Bogota, and have managed to remain in the musical mind of the nation in a country where the rich legacy of 60s and 70s rock is practically forgotten.

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