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Nomadic Dementia: The best of the first 25 years
  • Nomadic Dementia: The best of the first 25 years (2lp)-1
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This comprehensive compilation, produced by Lindsay Hutton, celebrates the 25 years’ history of the fathers of Swedish revival garage. The double LP features 24 songs showing the band’s broad mindedness when assimilating influences, from the best 60s and 70s bands to punk, heavy metal, rockabilly or blues bands. The Nomads have turned into a legend of the Scandinavian rock influencing bands such as Hellacopters, Gluecifer or Turbonegro. Pull out one of the vinyl records and let the party begin!

When I was asked to compile the material for this collection, it seemed like a daunting task. How do you pair down a catalogue like theirs? Well I can tell you that it’s not easy. I’m sure that there are some of you out there reading this that reckon that something that isn’t included should be. A fair old measure of consideration went into assembling what you have in your mitts. The mission that I chose to accept was to provide succour to those who already know what a great combo this is and also to inspire anybody who never had the pleasure. Like some future sonic archaeologist that wasn’t born to work for instance.

In my opinion, The Nomads are one of THE great bands of all time. If you ever got the chance to see them then you know that. The chemistry and the songs come together as one finite entity and the combination is explosive. Here and now in 2006, the guys are at the very top of their game. Not, like some who shall remain nameless, hauling some shadow of their former selves around the planet in the name of a fast buck. Often cited as “Sweden’s Garage Kings”, take it from me, these Nomad fellas are way up the world rankings. A premier rock’n’roll ensemble in any currency.

So this is how the cookie crumbled. The new song “Ain’t No King Of Rock’n’Roll” fits like it’s been around all along. Ripping it up like an old friend. The closer “Skolsången” was a controversial choice but I stand by its inclusion. That anthemic punkrockness gets me every time I hear it plus it’s in their native tongue and it sounds like they mean it (maaaan!).

It is an honour and a pure pleasure for me to present this fine, fine music. So without further ado, remove one of these platters from its jacket and get that party started. Crank it up as far as you can handle it. This special vinyl edition brings the noise to you the way that nature intended, Cd’s are Ok and all that but you cannae beat the real thing…

Lindsay Hutton
The Next Big Thing
November 2006

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