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Los Pepes Por favor EP Los Pepes
  • Por favor EP (7")-1 Por favor EP (7")-2
    7" MR 7282
  • Por favor EP (CS 7" (color))-1 Por favor EP (CS 7" (color))-2
    7" color
    MR 7282 C sep 2016
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Hailing from Valencia, Los Pepes are one the most obscure 1960s Spanish acts, despite having recorded one of the strongest albums of the beat and garage scene, featuring exclusively original songs. Signed to the small Madrid-based label Hit, their early singles never had proper national distribution and promotion, and the imprint’s sudden demise meant that their outstanding 1966 debut LP and the band’s promising career sank into obscurity, an injustice that we’re thrilled to correct now with our reissue of that legendary LP, available on Vinilísssimo.

To celebrate that release, we also present this EP featuring two highlights from the album, `Por favor' and `Rojo’, accompanied by `Cal y cemento’ and `Un día feliz, otro de llanto’, two tracks taken from the band’s sought-after early singles and another two examples of their gift for writing truly memorable and original songs full of personality.

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Los Pepes Los Pepes
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