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Suite Los Caprichos de Goya Suite Los Caprichos de Goya Suite Los Caprichos de Goya
  • Suite Los caprichos de Goya (lp + cd)-1 Suite Los caprichos de Goya (lp + cd)-2 Suite Los caprichos de Goya (lp + cd)-3
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The suite, composed by Erizonte and arranged and produced by Scud Hero, is inspired by the series of 80 prints "Los Caprichos" by the renowned Spanish painter and print maker Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, who is always contemporary in his art and incredibly current in themes chosen. It is shaped in seven movements. Symphonic timbres are used, as are electro acoustic instruments and other sound elements created especially for this work.

The titles of the movements take the name of each of the themes Goya dealt with in this series of engravings: abuse of power; vices of the clergy; love and prostitution; the lack of education in the village and superstitions, bestiary, witches and fantastic creatures.

Being an ERIZONTE project , we can say that the experimental work is in this case the search to overcome the limitations of physical properties of the classical instruments or own technical implementations thanks the possibilities given to us by the new tools in electronic music. This is to further the limits of some instruments, while respecting the original personality. For example, the notes a violin can give as if it had six strings, or a classical guitar may produce a tremolo unreachable by a human.

The result is a relatively formal work, in keeping with the time of Goya, and where experimental is more than ever at the service of the public, interwoven between elements of the composition.

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