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Golden Zombies The 24 Kilate Sound
  • The 24 Kilate Sound (cd)-1
    CD MR 198
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Great sounds from Spain !! These four handsome lads deliver the best instrumental moods Spain has ever heard. The rhythm section comes from Los Nitros, a fab surf combo. The guitar slinger Mike Sobieski is well known for his militancy with the Pleasure Fuckers and The Sin City Six, though his licks and riffs for Golden Zombies remind one more of James Burton and Steve Cropper (no less!). And last but not least, the organ player, who is probably the main atraction here (also plays with Los Imposibles and The Tuna Tacos), and his flamboyant and virtuoso Jimmy Smith / Booker T. & The M.G.´s stylings will sure leave you breathless. Check them out on this nine song debut record!

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