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In 1962, Bill Haley & His Comets played live on Mexican television show Orfeón A Go-Go, in turn crediting them as the first American rock and roll band to accomplish this, and bringing 'The Twist' to Mexico. Though by then Bill Haley's popularity in the US had declined dramatically, his television appearance made him a national hero and rock icon in Mexico, and even brought about an exclusive Mexican record deal with Discos Orfeón, one of the biggest labels at the time. Rock and roll was alive and well in Mexico City and though first wave groups like Los Teen Tops, Los Rebeldes del Rock and Los Apson enjoyed success and popularity, Bill Haley's performance helped usher in a second wave of new teen garage rock bands in the country. In the audience that night were many teens who were inspired to start their own bands, one of which would get their start as The Black Diamonds.

The Black Diamonds were comprised by Raúl San Martín, César Hernández, Julio Saldívar, Silverio Pérez and Marcel Ruano, and they probably ranged from ages 15-18, but no one really knows for sure. Like most teen bands of any era, they rehearsed day in and out on the most basic shitty and borrowed equipment, in a tiny bedroom, with the ultimate goal of playing a gig or house party with friends. The band took influence from first wave Mexican rock heroes Los Teen Tops and Los Rebeldes del Rock, and of course Americans like Elvis and honorary Mexican Bill Haley.

By 1965, The Black Diamonds got their break and were signed to Discos Orféon. The band changed their name to Las Ánimas, and sometime in 1966 they went into the studio and the result of that day was an EP with a cover of The Vogues' 'Five O’Clock World' and another track entitled 'Nada te ofrezco'. The EP was released shortly after, and although it was received well, the band was unhappy with the level of promotion Orfeón was giving them and decided to part ways with the company.

1966 also saw the Hanky Panky craze taking over Mexico thanks to Tommy James & The Shondells. Every group ever was racing to record their version of the song, and new bands were forming left and right just to make a cover of it. Free from their contract with Discos Orfeón, Las Ánimas came back under a new name, Los Panky's, and record label Cisne was waiting for them with open arms. Los Panky's went on to record what is said to be the most "demented" and "punk" version of 'Hanky Panky' in the country, and it put them in the spotlight with national attention. Under Cisne, they recorded two EPs, one LP, "Es solo amor", had features on two compilation LPs with other Cisne artists, as well as countless spreads in Mexican rock magazine México Canta, much radio airplay, a national tour, and a live performance on "Orfeón A Go Go". At the forefront of the second wave of Mexican rock and roll, Los Panky's became a national favorite among young fans.

For a group of kids from the slums, the feeling of accomplishment must have been overwhelming. They had a record deal, they got to sign autographs, they were in real national magazines and had real records, they had finally made it. Unfortunately, every good thing comes to an end. By the end of 1967 – beginning of 1968, Raúl had decided that he wanted to try his luck in the United States. At just 18, he left Mexico and went to Los Angeles, and the band called it a day. From then on out, Los Panky's faded into obscurity. Some members of the group passed away, some pursued non-musical careers, and some lost touch for 47-plus years, never knowing what became of one another or what could have been. All would hold onto those distant memories and look back on the band fondly.

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