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The Fuzz S/T
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This record by Memphis-based The Fuzz is the result of a long standing conflict between two brothers. Basically, after a heated argument, Hector Bobo told his brother Harlan T: “You think you’re so great, well you’re not the only one who can make a record!” Although no one in Memphis has ever even seen these two together in one place, no one seems to doubt this actually happened.

Hector gathered up his two friends, Tom Jones and Jeff “Bunny” Dutton, and went out to prove his boast. These two had a long history of terrorizing the good folk of the USA. In bands like Action Family and Dog, the two had proven that they could drunkenly play anywhere. Somehow these three miscreants talked local guitar virtuoso Steve Selvidge into playing bass. They then rebuilt a Teac 4-Track, bought some tape and recorded this record. Steve did a great job of holding the band together, Hector yelled out the songs like he meant it, and Doug Easely mixed it and mastered it.

You will find some fine examples of American rock & roll on this record. A few of them, Teen Rex, Somebody Like You and Merry-Go-Round, could even be played on the radio.

A big thanks goes to The Hold Steady for allowing Steve Selvidge the time to work on this project (Bassist Sweet Jean holds down the bass line for live shows). Thanks Jeannie.

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