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Sonny Vincent And Friends The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Sonny Vincent
  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (mp3)-1 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (mp3)-2
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At last! The incredible brand new adventure by NYC punkrock veteran SONNY VINCENT and friends!! An we do mean FRIENDS, because this time Sonny, a tireless punk pioneer from the CBGBs glory days, has called up some of his best mates, who also happen to be first-class Punk/Rock’n’Roll heroes, such as CAPTAIN SENSIBLE from The Damned, SCOTT ASHETON from The Stooges, WAYNE KRAMER from The MC5, WALTER LURE from Johnny Thunders´ Heartbreakers... (to name but a few). Yeah! The kind of stars Rock’n’Roll History is written by!

"THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY" started as a project for an album that was going to be recorded only by Sonny, Captain Sensible and Scott Asheton in Detroit (to catch the "Detroit Sound" feeling), but then just went outta control and carried on in New York, Berlin, Los Angeles.... as also grew the UNBELIEVABLE LIST OF GUEST STARS that Sonny called, or who kept spontanously joining in as the news spread, enthusiasticly stepping in to participate in such a wild rocking and cool project. Basically Sonny asked old friends and all the people he always wanted to play with, and all of them went for it. Legends? HELLYEAH!!! Just take a look at the list below and find out what we´re talking about.

The result is this ABSOLUTE ROCK’N’ROLL TIME BOMB, full of Detroit vibe, NYC coolness, and many other ingredients added by the amazing musicians that shaped and re-shaped the record. You can hear a guitar played as only Richard Lloyd (100% TELEVISION) can, or Scott Asheton doing –in Sonny’s words- "that unmistakable Detroit thang that ONLY he and a few others can do". SCOTT MORGAN, BRIAN JAMES, IVAN JULIAN, JAVIER ESCOVEDO; GREG GINN... WOW!!

"THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY" is not only a helluva record because of the INTENSE HIGH VOLTAGE PUNKROCK in its grooves, but a unique and probably impossible to repeat project with more than 20 musicians who are considered some of the most influential artists of the last thirty years. Available on vinyl and CD, complete with extensive notes by Sonny himself telling the whole making of in his own words, and a brilliant cover artwork that pays tribute to the Beatles´ Sgt. Peppers cover with pictures of all the people who recorded the album.

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