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Pink Slip Daddy MR 7283 Pink Slip Daddy
  • Viva Fabian! EP (7")-1 Viva Fabian! EP (7")-2
    7" MR 7283
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  • Viva Fabian! EP (CS 7")-1 Viva Fabian! EP (CS 7")-2
    7" MR 7283 sep 2016

Long time Philly-area rockers Pink Slip Daddy, the brainchild of Mick Cancer, Sal Mineo’s Only Son, Barb Dwyer and Palmyra Delran, was formed in the late 1980s after its members had intersected in various combos, including Sic Kidz and Das Yahoos.

Originally intended as a solo project for Mick, it quickly morphed into a breathing reality, as for several decades the band has delivered wildly received live performances and a series of acclaimed recordings, including “Rock Damage And Other Love Songs” and the groundbreaking “LSD” ten-inch vinyl package.

Inactive for periods of time due to other musical obligations, Pink Slip Daddy has returned to rock action with a vengeance, having recently played a string of calamitous live shows and a new 7” EP.

“Viva Fabian!” (produced by Ben Vaughn and featuring guest saxophonist extraordinaire Big Chief) is a rollicking, raucous heartfelt celebration of the music of teen pop idol Fabian Forte and the golden age of Philadelphia rock ‘n’ roll.

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