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Way y Los Arrrghs ¡Viven!
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The crazy life of Wau y los Arrrghs!!!

Wau & The Arrrghs!!! was formed in 2003 as a teaming up of 3 members from The Pissmakers –Bola, Ramón and Claudia–, a rhythm freelancer –Fletan–, and Juanito on vocals. Firmly determined to rescue the most danceable punk, beat and yeye from ‘60’s and ‘80’s revival, they join forces and forge a repertoire fitting in some rare garage classics and soon to resolutely jump on stage, making their early live debut at one of Tuna Tacos’ guided tours in Spanish Mediterranean land. All that was happening in 2003. But they also deliver some damage to many clubs all across Spain –especially up and down the eastern, central and northern territories– that same year.

They get in contact with the short-lived Kawanga Records label, putting out their first release –a vinyl EP featuring three covers and a self-written track sang in a peculiar frenchified “juanitistani” dialect. The band showcases the album at the hippest dance clubs reaping criticism of all kinds as well as numerous problems, fines and infections.

October 2003 sees them perform at the Wild Weekend Festival in Benidorm, receiving great acclaim from critics and audience alike, and they start thinking about playing outside Iberia. No sooner said than done, by March 2004 they kick off their first European tour, picking Italy as first target, with the valuable help and management of a buffalo very good at printing stickers –Mr. Menchetti (Slovenly). Just before leaving Valencia, and because of too-expensive-freight costs, they decide to board with neither guitar player, nor bassist or keyboardist, having big enough balls to daringly set for Italy. On their way, they meet with a freethinker from Alicante a.k.a. Mr. Molongui; a hardcore/yeye bloke– Isidro; and a virtuous hairdresser –Satu; and they recruit them all for the band. In Italy they fairly deliver their energy all over the peninsula, suffering all kind of robberies, injuries, discords, and etc... They take a positive stock and they get ready for their big European disembarkation the following year. They set on a 20-days tour throughout France, Belgium, Holland and Germany, playing shows and sharing stage with bands they met along the way like the Black Lips, Reigning Sound, Looches..., if they had only known they would’ve stayed home! Again, a positive outcome and good contacts. Contacts which bring to fruition over the recording of the band’s first LP, 'Cantan en español' (Singing in Spanish) at the Circo Perotti Studios, Gijón in December 2005 –released by Voodoo Rhythm Records in Switzerland– and during the presentation of the album throughout Europe, over an extensive and intensive tour in 2006.

Later, the band combines gigs in Spain, Portugal and surroundings but with other territories’ invasions always in mind. By 2007 they decide to take a break, and after several sex turns and changes, they triumphantly reappear at the Funtastic Dracula Carnival festival renewing their wild teenager spirit.

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