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Sex Museum Fuzz Face Sex Museum
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Sex Museum formed in Madrid in 1985, with the desire to be the musical version of "The Warriors", in the style of a street gang out of the mod scene. We were heavily musically influenced by 60's American Garage, English music from the 60's and early 80's Garage Revival. All these influences derived from the mod scene, a scene which we were apart of in the beginning of the 80´s while we were still teenagers. We didn't want to be "another" group formed by random musicians who had nothing to do with each other. We wanted to be a unit, a family that went out together and who shared musical tastes and life goals. And so it was in those first years: We shared everything, experiences, tastes, friends, drugs and the desire to grow with the music and open up a new hole in the world as commandos of garage rock. We were not alone. Around us, were a small group of people, who shared everything and helped us to live a small-world illusion and who completely protected us from the outside. In 1987, when we released the "Fuzz Face" album, we had been together for two years and we'd already made several changes. Everything was happening very fast and there was constant transformations. In fact, this album was recorded with two different drummers and bass players, something that we were going to experience often in the future years. Yet, despite it all, nothing could stop us.

We disconnected completely from what was happening in Spain and began to form relationships, befriend and connect with other bands from the rest of Europe and the United States, which made us to feel that we were heading down the correct path. We managed to get some songs on international compilations which also put us on the map.

Our first tours of Europe prepared us to be what we were in 1987, the year in which we recorded the "Fuzz Face" LP. One part garage music and the other part sixties music, a musical concept and genre that almost did not exist then and that was beginning to take shape. Our musical references were bands like The Prisoners, The Tell Tale Hearts, The Sonics, Music Machine, The Yardbirds and The Pretty Things. But our energy and spirit also made nods to The Jam, The Buzzcocks, The Boys, The Bishops, The Inmates, The Vibrators, and many other bands from the end of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s.

We had been in contact with some record companies, but after reviewing the possibilities we had with a few, we decided toproduce the disc ourselves. It was a pretty complicated adventure, and after asking, we decided to rent the license of a label that no longer existed, Fidias, in order to release the album on our own. We got to the Studio and we recorded this album in two sessions, one at night, with a drummer and a bass player, and another night a few weeks later with a different rhythm section. We recorded 10 songs in total.

The recording sessions taught us many things that have proven true up to today: Record labels were not necessarily needed, but the distributors were. A record was not so expensive if we had practiced and came prepared to the studio. Making music that was in the huge territory stylistically between pop and the heavy, was going to be difficult to find an interest for press and radio even in the mid-80s; That the core of the band should remain together if we wanted our true musical adventure.

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