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Free Pop Electronic Concept A New Exciting Experience
  • A New Exciting Experience (cd)-1
    CD VAMPI CD 89
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First-time ever legit reissue of this lost gem from the late 60’s euro psychedelic underground. Belgium-based portuguese soul brothers Tony & Waldo Lam (better know as Jess & James) join forces which american jazzman Scott Bradford and belgian mad scientist & electronics grand daddy Arsene Souffriau for a crazy trip of groovy free-rock and soul into electronics in the best Pierre Henry’s "Jerks Electroniques Pour La Messe Du Temps Present", Cecil Leuter’s "Pop Electronique", JP Massiera’s "Maledictus Sound" tradition... for some it may even be close to the craziness of Jimmy Haskell's "Count Down" or The Love Machine's "Electronic Music To Blow Your Mind".

Heavy riffing, screaming fuzz, mind-frying chirping electronics, tribal drumming mayhem, crazy studio effects, groovy go-go keyboard action, stomping beats all over... insane stuff far ahead of its time.

A must-have for psych fiends, krautrock aficionados, beat diggers, library lunatics and all-around acid heads. A legendary record which is still riding high in many want lists... grab it now or cry for ages.

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