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Joe Bataan Call My Name Joe Bataan en Madrid
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It’s a great day at El Barrio: Bataan is back. The sun is melting the sideways, the fire hydrants are colour fountains, surrounding which the kids dance and enjoy themselves. It’s a Holiday because East Harlem’s best known ‘Afrofilipino’ is back. The local radio djs are playing Joe Cuba, Johnny Colon, Cheo Feliciano, Hector Lavoe... Rhumba fills the streets, playing with the airwaves. 110th street is a celebration. The creator of Latin Soul has not only lost nothing of his essence, but he has multiplied his energy to show who was the first one to join the Latin essence with the black feeling. Recovering the mestizo feeling, electric and PROUD.

As the saying goes, whoever hits first hits twice, and there’s no rival for Bataan. Repeat his name, loud and clear. Because the songs of “Call My Name” are the echo of the neighbourhood, songs that could both have been recorded 30 years ago as much as be the introduction card for the next name from Spanish Harlem worth of attention. Out of time, classic and as genuine as the names who figure in the album. The saviours of Rythm are in the city and an infectious concoction fills the streets. The funk pulsation with the soul feeling, no compromises, right into the guts. The songs written by Daniel Collás are stones proudly and firmly thrown into the mind.

The voice of the neighbourhood. Raw as life in the streets, the music of Joe Bataanand his band lurks among the histories of the mental state of the cities, there where races, dances and rythms get mixed. The heartbeat of every corner, every gateway and every history of a regular young man living the day-to-day of a big city. Each and every song in this album is a ray of light that melts the cold asphalt and shakes the knees of the inhabitants walking above it.

The neighbourhood crooner is back to save us from darkness, back to give us back the DANCE, merry, holy and proud. So Chevere!!

Liner Notes by Mr. Sutil (Enlace Funk)

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