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Mike Dogliotti Candombe For Export / Candombe Liso
  • Candombe For Export / Candombe Liso (2lp)-1
    2LP VAMPI 074
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  • Candombe For Export / Candombe Liso (cd)-1
    CD VAMPI CD 074
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The complete recordings of urugayan outstanding organ player Mike Doglotti, between 1970 and 1972, for the Sondor label. This double pack includes his two full lengths (Candombe For Export and Candombe Liso), plus a few tracks from 7” singles. Mike Dogliotti managed to give create a commercial version of the Afro-Urugayan rhythms know as “candombe music”, using the very simple but effective formula of combining percussion with Farfisa organ. This will be a true discovery for those who search “new” and exciting sounds.

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