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Ben Vaughn Designs In Music
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What do the American TV series That 70s Show and Third Rock From The Sun, Alex Chilton, Ween, Swingers, and the first album recorded enterely in a car have in common? One man. Ben Vaughn. Composer, producer, recording artist. A man that Village Voice decribes as having a "sound so pure and spontaneous it sounds instantly classic."

Be it sitcoms, TV commercials, film soundtracks or radio play, somewhere in the world right now, Vaughn's music is being heard. Since 1986, he has been winning fans with his unique take on pop culture. Eight albums and a ten year career in Hollywood hace allowed Ben's music to travel to the far reaches of the earth. And with his latest, he brings it al together. Perfectly.

Designs In Music encapsulates this journey. Inspired by late-night drives to his weekend getaway in the Mojave Desert where the only station he cold pick was Palm Springs easy-listening station KWXY, Ben felt ready to combine everything he had learned through the years into one recording: The magic of those late-night broadcasts as well as his years spent as a composer producer and recording artist are represented equally in this project. But with a vitality that is in the moment, the now.

"It's obviously a tribute," says Ben, "but it's not a pristine re-creation of something from 1962. I wasn't really interested in making that kind of record. To me, instrumental music is a vibrant art form that's always ready for new ideas. And I've got a ton of them."

Ideas that explode in a pallet of many colors, of saxophones and trumpets, clarinets and trombones, of boss organ, bongos, wordless falsetto vocalizing, and Ben Vaughn's own tough yet warety guitar work. We've been fans of Vaughn's music for twenty years, and though we've released some of his records on our other label Munster (Rambler 65, Cubist Blues, The Prehistoric Ben Vaughn...), we felt Designs In Music one was for Vampisoul! Designs In Music... a vibrant snapshot of instrumental music's past, present and future!!!!

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