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Garotas Suecas Feras Míticas Garotas Suecas
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After our first collaboration with Sao Paulo's Garotas Suecas in 2011 on their album "Escaldante Banda", Vampisoul is proud to present worldwide their fantastic new work, "Feras Míticas", recorded at the end of 2012 and released in Brazil in 2013.

The album is an ambitious step forward for the band, which sees them building on their previous freakbeat and Tropicalia sound towards a more fuller soul and funk production, beautifully arranged and broader in scope, both grooving sweetly on the dancefloor and adopting a more reflective stance at times. Featuring guest collaborations by Lurdez da Luz, Kid Congo Powers and Paulo Miklos, "Feras Míticas" consolidates Garotas Suecas as one of the most unique and interesting young bands internationally, possessors of a sound which is aware of the past but is clearly of now and always looks ahead brightly and with confidence.

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