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On their third álbum, “Futuro do pretérito”, Garotas Suecas begin a new phase as a four-piece where the four musicians also share the lead vocals: Irina Bertolucci (vocals, keyboards), Tomaz Paoliello (vocals, guitar), Fernando Perdido (vocals, bass) and Nico Paoliello (vocals, drums).

The album deals with a wide range of issues, from prickly political matters to sentimental troubles and even tropical fruits. “The songs were developed during 2016 in our new horizontal line-up: four singers, four musicians, four songwriters. We started recording in early 2017, at Freak studio. It’s the first time that both the production and the mixing has been done by the band. The records comes completely from within ourselves, it’s less referential and more organic. We chose our own formula rather than any established formulas,” states Tomaz Paoliello.

“Futuro do Pretérito” features guest musicians such as long-time collaborator percussionist Matheus Prado (Projeto Coisa Fina), saxophonist Filipe Nader (Música de Selvagem, Trupe Chá de Boldo), guitar players Marcelo Vogelaar (Holger) and Marcelo Lemos (Vruumm, Projeto Coisa Fina) and keyboard player Andre Bruni (Mel Azul, Cupin). The artwork is by illustrator and designer Walter Rego.

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