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VVAA Ibérico Jazz Antoliano Toldos Ibérico Jazz
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Jazz from DISCOS CALANDRI. The productions of Antoliano Toldos (1967-1972).

If we’re talking about Jazz in Spain we have to mention pioneers like Tete Montoliu, Pedro Iturralde or Xavier Cugat, new names like Jorge Pardo, Charles Benavent, Chano Domínguez, Javier Colina or Perico Sambeat -among others-, who over the years have been a part of some of our country’s best moments in Jazz.

But in addition to these artists, recognized by audiences and critics alike, we should investigate and dig through our past to uncover the names of those who didn’t enjoy the acknowledgement that they deserved back in their day; artists who, several decades later, are getting our attention for their incredible quality that is worthy of proud vindication.

This is the case with Discos Calandria and the productions of Antoliano Toldos which for the first time have been recovered in their entirety and presented as the daring and outstanding musical legacy of tremendous quality that they are. Vampisoul is proud to present the legacy of Disco Calandria’s Jazz productions, the best-kept secret in this country’s history of jazz.

In the late 60s and early 70s Spain’s dancehalls and ballrooms were found all across the country. These were honest-to-goodness live show temples for orchestras and popular groups who made their audiences dance with a music whose sole purpose was to make people have fun. In some cases the music would be taken further, following in the footsteps of pioneers arriving from the other side of the Atlantic. The music of popular orchestras performing festive songs and the sophistication of jazz took hold of club stages in the most important provincial capitals. A generation of daring and passionate musical pioneers lived along side one another in a Spain that advanced -although trailing quite a few years behind the rest of Europe-. There are amazing stories of people in this scene who were ahead of their time adn were trying to look just a few steps beyond. Mr. Toldos’ Discos Calandria is one such story.

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